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Useful Web Resources

There’s heaps of great stuff out on the web. Here’s a few that we like. Taize Community        An ecumenical Christian community based in France. Known for music and silent meditation.

The Church of England


This is brought to you by the Anglican Church in England. Daily prayers are available - similar to one used in worship. There's also some really good practical stuff on learning to pray

The Methodist Church in Britain


In the prayer and worship section of the website there are lots of resources including Prayer of the Day and a self contained Daily Bible Study.

The Weekly Fix

This comes in the form of sermons or homilies (which are short addresses from the priest, minister, or worship leader) during Sunday services. They are designed to help you think about the bible or spiritual or moral issues.

To get your weekly fix just show up to one of our regular services.

Explore, Discover, Learn

Bible Studies

We run bible studies in short blocks usually coinciding with events such as Lent or Advent.  People are encouraged to join in the study even if they can't make to to the meetings.

Specific dates and times will be advertised on theWhat's Onpage.