St Peter & Emmaus Church

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Get Started

What can you do?

Visit us. Come to a worship service, or one of our other activities. Talk to us. Come in for a chat, email us, phone us. 
Explore the resources on this website. Figure out what interests you and follow it up.
​ Take a chance! Join in with something with something we do and see whether it meets your needs.

What can we do?

St Peter and Emmaus Church is a church that welcomes EVERYONE.

Looking for a church service to attend?  
​ We worship every Sunday.
Do you have an important occasion like baptism, funeral, or wedding?
We can assist.
In need of prayer?
We will pray with you and for you.
Want to figure out what this Christian and God stuff is all about?
We can help you get started.
Want to be part of a church community?
We have lots of activities you might like.