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What is it?

Praying is talking to God.  You can talk to God using words written down by wise people from long ago and more recent, you can talk as though God is just next to you, and you can talk to God using no words at all.  Sometimes there are no words for what you need to let God know is on your mind and heart. You might like to light a candle as a symbol of your prayer.  There is a table in the church with candles that can be lit and placed in the bowl of sand. A book is on this table in which you can write a specific concern – and know members of the church will read this and pray.”

Just do it

Not sure how, or need some encouragement? You might find some of these web resources helpful. Pray as you go      Finding it hard to say your prayers alone Monday-Friday? Pray-As-You-Go, an online prayer community founded by the English province of the Society of Jesus, links us with praying Christians of many traditions around the world. Silence, scripture, beautiful music, reflection time, space to listen, space for our journey with Christ to come alive in 2016.

Sacred space       Community – Prayer and Song      

Prayer Chain

This is a group of people who will pray for you or someone you are concerned for. Information remains confidential. Know we care. For more information pleasecontact the church office.

Prayer Requests

If you or someone you are concerned for needs special prayers or anointing for healing please get in touch with the ministry team through the church office.