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Digital or electronic resources

You can read the bible online for free. There are lots of versions available. Have a try and see what works for you.

Bible Gateway

This site has full text of the bible in heaps of translations ranging from the King James version (very thee and thou!) through to contemporary versions like The Message (very readable). You can set up reading plans, get daily devotionals, search and heaps more. The site is set up really well to work on mobile devices. 

Laughing Bird

This is a fantastic site for a contemporary Australian spin on the bible, all thanks to Nathan Nettleton of South Yarra Community Baptist Church. While it does not contain a full text of the bible it does follow the standard lectionary and can give real insight into the readings you get in church each week. also included are seasonal resources, sermons, and prayers.

Reading is a good way to learn more and explore your faith and spirituality. Here are just a few suggestions that may help you along your journey.

Interesting reads from our book group

They've always got something good on the go. Here are some of the books they had a look (some will be available from your local public library).

Streets of hope – Tim Costello

Is Jesus God? – Michael Morwood

A new Christianity for a new world – John Spong Why Christianity must change or die – John Spong Kitchen table wisdom – Rachel Naomi Remen

The world according to Jesus – Lorraine Parkinson The advance of love – David Sanguin

In defence of doubt – Val Webb

Want to join them in person for a lively discussion? See our Social Activities page or Get in touch for more details.


Image – Read by Brioso (CC by –NC-SA 2.0) at Flickr