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Want to have some company as you pray?

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YouTube / videos / songs / silence

  • Why not watch a movie or phone a friend for some theological reflection
    • Where is God in this encounter?
    • What could I learn from this film?
  • Watch Songs of Praise on ABC (orABC Iview) and phone a friend to share your joy
  • Get ahead! This year we are using Year A (the gospel of Matthew) for our lectionary readings. Why not use this time to read the whole gospel.​

Online Worship

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Response to COVID-19

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St Peter & Emmaus Church

What's happening at St Peter and Emmaus.

A note from Revd. Margaret

There will be NO Sunday Services until further notice.

After directives from both the Government and church leaderships we are not holding Sunday services and have suspended many of our other programs including the Morning Market.

Please email any prayer requests to us. 

If you need communion we can arrange to bring this to you. If you need any other assistance please let Revd Margaret, any Church Councillor, or your carer contact person know. 

Holy week services (scaled down for low contact) may be permitted but please let us know if you want one to happen and check with your carer contact person.

A skeleton service for the Triduum may be arranged if possible if wanted.

Please let us know how we can support you during this difficult time.

Phone a friend, but please stay away if you are feeling ill, even mildly so. This is the best way to care for each other and those in high risk categories.