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What's the deal with Eucharist and Communion?

Different churches have different names for the worship service in which the congregation share the bread and wine as Jesus commanded his disciples.  Some of the names used are Eucharist, Holy Communion, Mass, the Last Supper.  Because we are a combined Anglican and Uniting Church parish we like to honour the traditions of both and so the liturgy (the words used in the service) will be slightly different.

At St Peter & Emmaus, everyone is welcome to share in the bread and wine. We usually come to the front to take Eucharist/Communion, but don’t worry if are unable to get to the front, the priest/minister and server will come to you. You do not have to take Eucharist/Communion if you do not wish to. You are offered the bread (wafer) first and then you dip the edge of the bread into the wine which is offered to you and you eat it straight away. You may wish to come forward, even if you don’t take communion, and receive a blessing.  Just cross your arms over your chest and the priest/minister will know.

Still not sure?

Come for a visit and see which service works best for you.

Alternatively speak to someone in our ministry team by contacting us.

Wanting to enquire about a special service like baptism, wedding or funeral? Please contact our ministry team.

Which Service is right for me?

8.00am Eucharist

This is a service of Eucharist in the Anglican tradition offered every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month.  On that Sunday, the whole congregation meets at 9.30am to celebrate the Eucharist together.

9.30 Prayer and Praise / Communion

There is a service every Sunday at this time. Sunday School is run in conjunction with this service during school term time.


On the first Sunday of the month there is no 8.00am service and everyone from the congregation joins together for a Eucharist celebrated in the Anglican tradition.


On the third Sunday of the month the service is led by a Uniting Church minister and communion is in the Uniting Church tradition.


Other Sundays, there is a service that has prayers and readings from the bible, a sermon, hymns and songs.